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By Kya Grace

The fast food culture has totally plagued the society these days. Even though fast food is conveniently available, cheap and palatable but is not healthy. These reasons are not enough to intake a food that is unfit for human consumption. Listed below are five reasons to reduce your fast food consumption.

Low nutrition

One of the major reasons why consumption of fast food should be discouraged is that it is low in nutrition. The easy availability of fast food chain outlets is no reason for you to consume a meal that is not just low in nutrition but also a major reason for making obesity an epidemic. The ingredients that go unseen in fast food meals are high fructose-corn syrup, monosodium glumate, artificial colors emulsifiers and thickeners. The fast food industry uses high amount of processed food like white flour instead of whole wheat flour, high-calorie corn syrup instead of white or brown sugar. Such artificial components commonly used in fast foods are harmful for health.

High cholesterol and fat

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Fast food items have high levels of saturated fat in them. They are also high in Trans-fats, which cause coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and even infertility. Most fast foods are deep-fried and are packed with extra fatty ingredients like butter, cheese and mayonnaise.

High salt content

Fast foods usually have high salt content. Salt is used even in sweeter products like milkshakes and smoothies. High quantity of salt along with pepper and other seasonings are used to make the meal tastier. However, increased intake of salt may result in blood pressure issues. Most blood pressure patients are advised to use minimal amount of salt. However, it can’t be avoided if you are common visitor of fast food outlets.


Ordering double cheeseburger and French fries along with a ‘diet’ soft drink is probably not the best diet food possible. If you think you can escape the extra calories of your fast food meal by simply taking a ‘diet’ soft drink along with the junk food, you need a rain check on its nutrition chart. Fast food is one of the causes of spreading obesity. Even a small portion of fast food meal is high in calories. In addition, it spoils your taste buds for healthier food like fruits and vegetables.

Skin issues

Being high on sugar, oil and fat, fast food is not good for your skin. These ingredients are harmful for skin. They result in pimple and acne formation. Avoid fast food to attain better results for your skin. Instead of the high calorie soft drink that you gulp mindlessly along with the junk food, drink more amount of water. Water clears your body from all kinds of toxins and gives you a clear skin.

Therefore, the above reasons should be able to make you understand the deleterious effects that fast food has on your health. The best way to escape such issues is to avoid fast food as far as possible.

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By Gill Grozier

As age starts to make its appearance upon the face, fine lines and wrinkles can make growing old difficult to accept. We find ourselves constantly striving to find new anti-ageing products to maintain a youthful appearance.

It may be easiest to undertake a series of Botox treatments, but there are other non-surgical options to take, such as anti-wrinkle treatments.

Skin care companies constantly conform to a high demand from consumers to produce new products to help beat the signs of age.

The media has been an influential source in the consumer’s desire to look more youthful. They provide reviews from ‘real women’ and information on the latest anti-wrinkle products that claim to be the most effective yet.

But which do we believe?

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Brands such as No7, Olay, Elizabeth Arden and L’Oreal have been the main contenders in the anti-ageing sector for a long time, and drug stores have dedicated counters filled with many different anti-ageing brands, designed to cater for the growing market.

According to a ‘Which?’ study in August 2009, testers aged 35-65 found that their favourite treatment proved to be ‘Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 plus Eye Cream’, available at high street drug stores.

In May 2009, No7 launched its ‘Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum’ which flew off the shelves after a year-long study at Manchester University found that 70% of people who used the cream for a year had fewer lines and wrinkles. Two years previous, a similar serum produced by No7 sold out in a day after it appeared on a BBC2 Horizon study which proved that it could make the skin look younger.

Arbonne International recently introduced their newest product to their anti-ageing line, the RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal masque. Containing a formula of alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, vitamin C and natural plant and fruit extracts, Arbonne claimed that in trials, 89% of participants reported an immediately smoother, softer texture to their skin after just one use.

However after all the claims, one of the most recently talked about anti-wrinkle ingredients is Retinol, an anti-oxidant, more simply known as Vitamin A. Treatments containing retinol have shown the best lab results as an anti-ageing treatment.

After years of build-up and sun damage, a regular use of retinol cream increases cell turnover and exfoliation by stimulating cell production and new collagen production.

Retinol encourages the exfoliation of these dead skin cells that build on the skin, causing it to look dull and display large pores, sun damage also becomes visible through age spots.

When searching for a product containing retinol or vitamin A, look for a product with a high enough dosage to be effective. Stronger treatments containing retinoid are only available at prescription strength from your GP.

There are a variety of skin care products available containing retinol, including skin care serums, skin care lotions, retinol skin care creams, skin care eye masks, and acne treatments.

So whether you are looking for a non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatment or something that has instant results from a clinic there is a treatment out there for you.

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