Facelift\’S Simple And Dramatic Compliments

Facelift\’s Simple and Dramatic Compliments


Andrea Avery

The many quadrants of the human face facilitate the separation of components to the facelift. There are many ways that the procedure is able to positively impact the related challenges that the sagging and wrinkling can impact a woman and a man\’s face as they try to overcome the aging process. However there are just some surgery recipients who don\’t want to just lift the drooping skin or reposition the time related laziness of the layers of muscles and fat pockets of their faces. Some men and women want to make a significant and, in some ways, risky changes to the overall appearance of their faces. They have spent many years discontent with not only how age shows on their faces but the foundational features of their facial appearance.

Therefore, in addition to the facelift they have their selected plastic surgeon add other reconstructive procedures in. They want to improve the look of their eyes, their nose, their lips and their chin. Some patients want small changes that will help them to look more like their relatives because they feel like the odd ball, to uncover the beautiful face they believe is hidden behind some extra bits and sagging, or they wish to look more like their youthful selves from 10 years ago. There are even those who want to look more like their favorite celebrity.


In these situations of extreme facial makeovers the mini lift for younger patients and the full lift for older patients are accompanied several procedures. First, those patients who are looking for the eye lift can have it performed for exhausted eyes or enlarged bags of descending fat of the eyelids. They not only impair one\’s appearance they can impact vision slightly, in extreme cases. Second, the nose job is a rather common accompaniment too. Some patients believe that their noses are very thin and opt for a Botox nose to facilitate improvement of the shape.

Meanwhile, most patients prefer to reduce the size of part or a large part of their nose. They either have a bump along the bone, a discrepancy between the alignment of the nose bone and cartilage tip, the length does not compliment their face or the large tip of the nose or nostrils has been troublesome to them. Third, some patients want to permanently decrease or permanently increase the size of their lips, cheeks and/or chin to facilitate balance of the look of their face and compliment their facelift. These are only a few of the ways patients opt for facial alterations. After all, most patients are obsessed with how they feel about their faces and how their face is presented to the world.

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