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Greek has lend itself to most terminology in modern science. Take the word Somat in Greek, which refers to the body. The English word somatic is derived from it. So, Somatic tinnitus must be a disease that has something to do with bodily movements? Indeed, yes. This most common form of tinnitus changes its symptoms with movements of the body. Studies have shown somatic tinnitus to be present in a sizeable slab of the population, from which we conclude that many people are affected by it. It is a recent phenomenon that tinnitus has been identified as the most dangerous symptomatic disease. Statistics show that Americans in the millions are affected by varied types and forms of tinnitus. No trace of an enduring cure, even relief, of tinnitus has been found by the befuddled doctors and researchers who are giving their all to this quest. On the other hand, Somatic tinnitus can be cured by the control of physical movements. Take the case of a patient who can hear ringing bells in an upright, standing position. The noise declines with the patient reclining.

Meniere s disease and tinnitus both somatic and general is associated in three major ways. These are:

? Modifications are made by patients to their tinnitus resonance by doing movements in their jaws, neck and even the eyes.

? Modifications are made by patients to their tinnitus resonance in terms of sound level and pitch by way of pressing their neck, cheek, the tragus (a small part of the external ear that assists the brain in sensing sound coming from behind), temple and mandible with a fingertip.

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? Display of muscular tension in the neck muscles and the jaw is done by patients.

An augmentation of the tension signals from the toughened muscles in the innervation area of the sensory trigeminal nerve which relates to the acoustic pathways is a result of these movements. Furthermore, they are related the least to stress or anxiety factors that result to tinnitus in most patients. In these cases, even physical examination shows up extreme muscular tension.

Somatic tinnitus is controlled mostly by bodily movements. All investigation about its symptoms are in reference to the body. Let s take an example. The movement and flexibility, or their deficiency, of the jaw and neck are checked, calculated and recorded. Dental occlusion is assessed by maintaining the neck in a position which is straight. Tolerance of deviations in the upper cervical spine and the jaw is non existent as they together create an integrated motor system. Any forward head or neck posture should be treated as an adjustment for a disorder in the dental occlusion.

Treatment Plans for Somatic Tinnitus

The intended treatment plans on decreasing the tension of the muscle in the jaws and the neck. Earlier, patients believed that their tinnitus problem was linked mostly to stress and strain. But, they now recognize that the real problem lies somewhere else. When the teeth are grinded, the symptoms become lesser in pitch and volume. Actually, as patients keep their neck in the position which is most favorable, the dental occlusion will be attuned to the grinding. Lustrously shining facets kept in the mouth starts to immediately turn dull with a mild realignment of grinding teeth. The masticatory muscle is hyperactive during REM sleep, which causes the facets to reappear gleaming when the next visit to the clinic of the dentist occurs.

The patients, after this, are specially made to learn to feel the unfamiliar stabile occlusion in various positions which are lying down, standing, sitting, etc. The best suitability of a posture to the patient is thus assessed. Physiotherapists are referred to in case of Somatic Tinnitus patients to know how to cope with tension in the neck-region and also learn the relaxing postures which give some relief to their tinnitus problems. A few patients are made to learn how to perform stretching exercises which aid their suboccipital muscles. They also learn to perform atlanto-occipital joint linked to the restricted side. Sometimes, a part the training procedure is breathing with diaphragm.

Somatic Tinnitus: how it can be cured by Holistic Treatment

The treatments discussed so far are not equipped to provide permanent cures. They can only provide some relief temporarily. We have to realize that from within our body, the root causes create all the distressing symptoms of tinnitus. Since conventional medicine only skim the surface of health and well-being, it just relieves the painful symptoms temporarily but does not either find out, or, cure the source. Soon the effects of medicines become weak, and the symptoms of tinnitus appear again. Most people are ignorant about tinnitus and the harm it can cause. Holistic medicine, which is the only way to permanently cure tinnitus, has a different approach to treating it. It treats the body as a whole, finding out the root cause and the various triggers of the symptoms first, and then attempting to cure the root causes. Varied remedies are suggested, including diet changes, lifestyle, herbs and exercise.

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