Saturday, January 3, 2009

Following recent news that Honda had withdrawn from Formula One in 2009, initial rumours that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has rescued the team appear to be false. Foxsports quotes a Telmex release as saying “The Telmex Team can confirm that Carlos Slim Helu has not bought the Honda F1 team nor is holding any negotiations to do so. Therefore all information related to this subject has no basis and is completely false.” Slim is the CEO and President of Telmex, a telecommunications provider in Mexico, and claims to be the world’s second richest person.

The initial reports suggested that a team had already been chosen including Jenson Button and rookie Bruno Senna as its drivers for 2009. Senna, who is the nephew of triple world champion Ayrton Senna, was said to be replacing veteran Rubens Barrichello. Slim is already sponsoring Senna through Embratel, one of his group’s subsidiaries. Claims that Slim paid a visit to the Honda team facility in Northamptonshire in December also seem incorrect following a comment from team principal, Ross Brawn, in London’s Daily Telegraph that “We would love it if it were true but it’s pure speculation from various members of the media.” A further quote stated that “It’s just been one of those rumours which has developed a life of its own.”

Honda withdrew from Formula One recently following a 40% slump in its retail car sales and an estimated budget in excess of US$350m annually. The recent season was not successful for Honda which saw them finish ninth in the constructors’ championship, only beating Team India and Super Aguri, who each failed to register a single championship point in 2008.

Almost a week ago reports began circulating that Slim was interested and that other suitors may include Vijay Mallya and David Richards. Mallya took an active role in Formula One in 2008 with his purchase of the Spyker F1 team for US$130m. The first year was a tough one for Mallya and the team with constant failure to finish and not a single championship point gained. Richards is reported to have already met with potential investors in the Middle East. He has the experience as former team principal for BAR and Benetton Formula One motor racing teams.

Friday, March 28, 2008

2008 Taipei International Cycle Show (Taipei Cycle) & Taipei International Sporting Goods Show (TaiSPO) not only did a best reunion with conjunctions of the launch of Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition and the concurrent cycling race of 2008 Tour de Taiwan but also provide opportunities and benefits for sporting goods, bicycle, and athlete sports industries to establish the basis of the sourcing center in Asia and notabilities on the international cycling race.

Although the Taipei cycle was split from the TaiSPO since 1988, but the trends of sporting good industry in Taiwan changed rapidly and multiply because of modern people’s lifestyles and habits. After the “TaiSPO Innovation Award” was established since 2005, the fitness and leisure industries became popular stars as several international buyers respected on lifestyle and health.

For example, some participants participated Taipei Cycle and TaiSPO with different product lines to do several marketing on bicycle and fitness equipments, this also echoed the “Three New Movements” proposed by Giant Co., Ltd. to make a simple bicycle with multiple applications and functions. As of those facts above, Wikinews Journalist Rico Shen interviewed Ideal Bike Corporation and Gary Silva, designer of “3G Steeper” to find out the possibilities on the optimizations between two elements, fitness and bicycle.

byAlma Abell

Hardwood floors have been a treasured part of many homes for centuries. When you look at images of home interiors in a magazine or watch an interior decorating or home construction show on television, your eyes are naturally drawn to the beauty of wood floors. Unfortunately, many property owners think that this is too much of an investment for them and settle for a manmade material or choose inexpensive carpet.

Many Good Reasons

YouTube Preview Image

But there are many great reasons for getting in touch with a company that specializes in wood floor installation, the first of which is the cleanliness and safety of this material. Carpeting can trap allergens, germs, and dust while hardwood doesn’t give these problems a place to hide. You have a safer, healthier home. Just an occasional sweeping or light vacuuming will keep those floors looking fine.

That’s a second reason why you should visit Dustless Hardwood Floors LLC to learn more about the flooring services available. Once your wood is sealed and given its protective finish, you won’t have to worry about stains. This natural material is also durable and will stand up to years of normal use. When the time comes to make minor repairs or to refinish the floor in a room, your relationship with the installing company gives you access to experts in those areas as well.

Do Your Part

When you choose wood floor installation in Avon, CT, you are also doing your part to protect the environment. By not choosing plastic, carpeting, and other manmade options, you are using a sustainable resource. In fact, hardwood trees are growing faster than they’re being used, according to studies in the United States. You also won’t have to replace your floor if it’s properly maintained, which means even less impact on the environment.

Choose wood floor installation by experienced professionals and enjoy beauty and practicality for decades.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik was sentenced to four years in prison and three years of supervised release on Thursday after pleading guilty to eight felony charges. Among these were tax fraud and lying to Bush administration officials during his unsuccessful nomination for US Secretary of Homeland Security in 2004.

This sentence is contrary to a plea agreement made in November between Kerik’s legal counsel and the prosecution. Per this accord, federal attorneys recommended a sentence of no longer than 33 months in prison, opposed to the 48 months that US District Judge Stephen Robinson (who was not bound to this agreement) chose to hand down instead.

“I think it’s fair to say that with great power comes great responsibility and great consequences,” Judge Robinson said upon sentencing. “I think the damage caused by Mr. Kerik is in some ways immeasurable.”

“Today’s sentencing of Bernard Kerik is one of the most powerful recent reminders that no one in this country is above the law,” added US Attorney Preet Bharara.

Kerik, who was accompanied by his wife and three children, briefly addressed the court: “I make no excuses. I take full responsibility for the grave mistakes I’ve made. Believe me when I say I have learned from this and I have become and will continue to become a better person.”

“I know I must be punished,” he went on to say. “I only ask that you allow me to return to my wife and two little girls as soon as possible.”

According to the New York City Department of Corrections, Kerik is slated to begin serving his sentence on May 17. Although the prosecution made clear their desire for Kerik to be imprisoned immediately, Judge Robinson allowed him to surrender himself later in the day so that he would have sufficient time to “get his affairs in order.” Kerik has been awaiting sentencing under house arrest at his home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey since November when said plea agreement was reached.

Kerik, a military veteran and undercover detective, was a trusted advisor to former US Attorney and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, for whom he worked for as a bodyguard and a driver.

Kerik later served as both corrections and police commissioner. His distinguished actions following the 2001 September 11th Attacks transformed him into a respected national figure. This earned him the praise of then-president George W. Bush, who in turn nominated him for the lead Homeland Security post. It was during the vetting process that Kerik’s suspected ties to organized crime came out. This marked the beginning of his long fall from grace.

Outside the courthouse, Kerik gave a statement to the media and general public before being driven home: “I’d like to apologize to the American people for the mistakes I have made and for which I have just accepted responsibility. As history is written, I can only hope that I will be judged for the 30 years of service I have given to this country and the City of New York. It has not and will not diminish my love for this country.”

Kerik’s lawyer, when asked by The New York Times if they planned to appeal this sentence, simply replied, “No comment.”

Thursday, March 24, 2005

San Jose, California — A woman eating a bowl of chili at a Wendy’s restaurant bit into a chewy bit that turned out to be a human finger. She immediately spat it out, warned other patrons to stop eating, and upon recognizing the object as a finger, vomited.

“I’m more of a Carl’s Jr. person,” the 39-year-old Las Vegas woman, Anna Ayala, told Knight Ridder. She said this incident was her first visit to a Wendy’s restaurant. Ayala described how she found the finger, “Suddenly something crunchy was in my mouth,” she continued, “and I spit it out.”

According to Devina Cordero, 20, after Ayala found the finger, she ran up to her and Cordero’s boyfriend and said, “Don’t eat it! Look, there’s a human finger in our chili.”

“We went up to the counter and they told us it was a vegetable,” Cordero continued. “The people from Wendy’s were poking it with a spoon.”

The restaurant is located at 1405 Monterey Highway, just south of downtown San Jose.

Wikinews reporter David Vasquez drove his car up to the drive-thru menu and found that chili was still on the menu, at a price of US$1.19 for a small serving. He also witnessed workers unloading supplies from a semi-trailer truck in the restaurant’s parking lot, and carting them into the back door of the establishment.

According to Ben Gale, director of environmental health for Santa Clara County, the finger did not come from any of the employees at the restaurant. “We asked everybody to show us they have 10 fingers and everything is OK there,” he said. The found portion of the finger likely belonged to a woman because of its long and manicured fingernail, also found in the food.

Officials seized the food supply at the restaurant and are tracing it back to the manufacturer, where they believe the finger may have gotten mixed in with the raw ingredients used to prepare the chili. The restaurant’s operators were later permitted to re-open after preparing new chili prepared from fresh ingredients.

As this story was filed, there was no mention of the incident on the Wendy’s corporate web site. Wendy’s issued a statement through a spokesman.

“Food safety is of utmost importance to us,” said Wendy’s spokesman Joe Desmond. He referred to the incident as an “unsubstantiated claim.”

“We are cooperating fully with the local police and health departments with their investigation. It’s important not to jump to conclusions. Here at Wendy’s we plan to do right by our customers,” Desmond said.

According to county health officials, the unfortunate woman who bit into the finger is doing fine, despite her initial reaction. Officials also noted that the finger would have been cooked at a high enough temperature to destroy any viruses.

The Santa Clara county medical examiner reported that the finger had a solid fingerprint, although investigators did not say if a search of fingerprint databases would be performed to find the owner of the finger.

This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

British doctor killed while on honeymoon

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Catherine Mullany, a newly married British woman, and her husband, Ben Mullany, have been shot while on honeymoon in Antigua. Catherine died on the scene, while Ben is in a critical condition in Hospital.

The families of the Mullanys have described themselves as “deeply shocked and devastated.”

The incident occurred at 05:00 Antigua time (09:00 GMT) on Tuesday, and it is being treated by police as a robbery. A police spokesperson described the incident. “Shortly after 5am this morning officers from the Bolans Police station responding to a call, arrived at Cocos Hotel and Restaurant in the Valley Church area, the scene of a murder.” UK police have been asked to help in the inquiry.

Catherine Mullany was a doctor, who, before her death, planned to become a GP. Ben was a physiotherapy student at the University of the West of England (UWE), which is located in Bristol, England. Mary Price, the Media Relations and Internal Communications Manager for UWE, gave Wikinews the following statement:

Ben Mullany is a third year physiotherapy student at the University of the West of England. Ben is a very good student who is greatly valued by staff and his peers. Staff and fellow students are deeply shocked to hear of this tragic incident. Our condolences go to his wife’s family and our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.
 This story has updates See British man dies five days after wife in honeymoon shooting 

More options for families to enjoy Cuba holidays at Iberostar Ensenachos with new Water Park


Susan Crown

Iberostar has done it again for families, by working hard to enhance the experience every family member gets at their Cuba hotels. This time, staying true to their aim of treating the little ones as the stars of the show, the Iberostar Ensenachos resort in Cayo Santa Maria has recently unveiled a newly built children water park. The resort has just opened a Water Park for kids in the Park Suites section, specifically designed to offer children limitless fun with a splash and allow parents to relax while their little ones make the most of the new attraction.

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Children enjoying family Cuba holidays at Iberostar Cayo Ensenachos will be able to make a splash and enjoy the new water facilities all day long, with plenty of new features to offer them tons of fun, including: Separate children’s swimming pool, with a depth of 30 cm, specially designed for the smallest children and toddlers Replica of a pirate ship with slides and water cannons to re-enact the days of privateers and pirates. Artificial palm tree with water jets and waterslides Shark-like water slide Water jet coming from a mushroom-like shower Thanks to this new option, families planning holidays in Cuba’s Cayo Santa Maria key will feel at peace knowing that the kids will be thoroughly entertained in a perfectly safe attraction in which they can enjoy themselves and have hours and hours of fun. The Iberostar Ensenachos resort is beautifully located in Cayo Ensenachos, a pristine key on the northern coast of Villa Clara (part of the Cayo Santa Maria resort), this is the only virginal key in Cuba that has a horseshoe shape. As a result of the work of nature, the ongoing action of waves, tides and currents, the beaches of Iberostar Ensenachos (Ensenachos and El Mgano) are a gift to the senses. The hotel is located 120 km from the historical city Santa Clara, the region’s main city (where Che Guevara’s Mausoleum can be found), and located 58 km from the town of Remedios, birthplace of The Parrandas. At this fantastic family-friendly resort everything is ready for guests to kick back, withdraw from the realities of daily life, disengage from the outside world, and sink into a world of relaxation and calm, without any hassles, no rush or tensions, in an atmosphere of pure joy and peace that everyone enjoying Cuba holidays in Cayo Santa Maria will absolutely relish! Iberostar Ensenachos describe the newly launched facility as “a luxury only within reach of shining stars. Stars like you and your family!”

The all inclusive Iberostar Ensenachos resort in Cayo Santa Maria has just unveiled a brand new water park, enhancing the entertainment options they offer to families with children

planning Cuba holidays

at their hotel. The new water park offers shark-like waterslides, a pirate ship with water cannons and slides and a new swimming pool for toddlers.

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More options for families to enjoy Cuba holidays at Iberostar Ensenachos with new Water Park

Danish and Austrian embassies in Tehran attacked

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Monday, February 6, 2006

Four-hundred protestors threw fire bombs and stones at the Danish embassy in Tehran, Iran today as part of continuing reaction to the Mohammad cartoons, originally published in Denmark. Iranian riot police were sent in, but several protestors made their way into the embassy and burned documents before being removed. Tear gas was used against the demonstrators, at least nine of which were injured.

Denmark has repeated its request to the Iranian government for better protection of its embassy. Iran’s minister of trade has halted all trade between the two countries. It is rumored that Iran is planning to review its trade ties with all of the countries in which the cartoons have been published. Iran’s ambassador in Denmark has returned to Iran.

Demonstrators also attacked the Austrian embassy in Tehran today, as a protest against the Austrian newspaper that published the cartoons, Kleine Zeitung. Windows were broken, but no fires were reported.

Demonstrators were also fueled by the IAEA’s treatment of Iran’s nuclear arms program.

News briefs:July 16, 2010

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

One person is dead and 18 others injured after lightning struck a church group’s Fourth of July celebration in Lakeland, Florida, United States yesterday. The group were outside playing soccer and volleyball when either a single bolt or a series of them hit.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, “It’s very sad to see folks just celebrating the Fourth, in a way that you would hope people would celebrate the Fourth, with friends and family, and a lightning strike, an act of God occurred, and one person died”. 19 people were transported to hospitals; one was later pronounced dead.

Despite some clouds in the area, the lightning reportedly caught many off guard. Judd noted, “This is Florida. There’s build up every afternoon.”

No buildings or structures sustained damage, so it is unclear exactly where the bolt struck. The church members were described as “exceptionally composed considering the tragedy.”

On average, there are 1.5 million lightning strikes per year in the state, causing more fatalities than hurricanes, tornadoes, and other meteorological hazards.