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An annealing furnace is a highly specialized piece of equipment in any industrial application where steel or alloys are heated to high temperatures to change hardness and specific properties, including the overall strength of the metal. This is also essential to and to make it more workplace and less brittle.

There are many different styles and designs in any type of annealing furnace. With two basic types, batch and continuous, there are different considerations any buyer should consider. Batch annealing furnaces heat specific amounts of metal in a batch process which is often the best option for smaller applications or for very specific types of annealing requirements.

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A continuous annealing furnace uses a conveyor type of process to feed metal continually through the system. Often these types of systems are set up as modular types of units with different heating cells, from high to low, as well as oil or gas quenching cells and a transfer cart to move the metal between them on a set timed movement. Vacuum tight doors between the cells improve efficiency and utilize the latest in technology.

Upgrading or Upsizing

One important consideration when selecting an annealing furnace system is to determine if growth or expansion is in the future for the production line. This is essential as either selecting a larger size of furnace for future needs or choosing a modular option which can be easily expanded is critical in effective use of the available budget.

Size and space within the facility is also an important consideration when selecting an annealing furnace. Today’s systems tend to be much smaller than in the past and can be modified to meet specific industrial needs.

Technology Options

The more control of the system is automated the greater the efficiency and consistency of the process. Systems today will include training on the computer software, which will be essential for technicians using the equipment. When considering an annealing furnace ask about in-house training for your staff and also ensure any software used is fully compatible with any existing software which will be integrated.

Last but not least, it is essential to verify the manufacturer of the annealing furnace under consideration will ensure the furnace meets or exceeds any industry specifications. This is essential in the aerospace industry as well as in other specialized applications and should be specified by the manufacturer in the furnace specifications and information.

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Being a small business owner doesn’t mean having to forgo all the advertising and marketing options available to a large company just because of your size. While it is true that it may not be possible to have an in-house marketing professional by using an email marketing company you can take advantage of professional looking templates, options for building contact lists, and even have integration with your social media through emails.

Provide Information

While many small businesses see marketing as strictly promotional, those that use an email marketing company that provides templates and information on designing emails for customer can tap into other areas of value. Customers will read an email that provides them with information that they need, that it is relevant, and that gives them information of value.

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By providing information to your customers that relates to your product or services you get away from those hard sell emails that just get deleted. With an email marketing company that allows you to track your emails even after delivery you can see what your customers are responding to.

Brand Identification

Using a top email marketing company allows you to clearly brand your emails in a format that is immediately recognizable for your clients. This helps to reinforce that you are the go to company for a particular type of product or service while also providing a consistent and clear message to your customers.

You can save templates that are uploaded with your brand, colors and icons so that every newsletter ends up with a very identifiable look.

Professional Quality

No matter how informative and how branded your newsletters may be if email looks “homemade” is not going to complete with the more professional looking emails by large companies.

Here is where an email marketing company really helps. With professional looking emails that are formatted in a way that clearly sets them apart from the free online email templates your customers will never know you are doing your own email and don’t have a sales and marketing team handling all your advertising.

Reaching out to your customers on a regular basis through an email marketing company is a great way to help to build your business. You can target different parts of your client base for different versions of the emails as well, providing specific information of interest for specific clients.