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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued proposed calorie labeling rules requiring most retail food vendors to display the calorie counts in items on their menus and menu boards. The proposed rules, issued Friday and expected to be finalized in 2012, would apply to most restaurants, snack bars, vending machines, coffee shops, drive-through restaurants, and convenience and grocery stores.

The US Congress required the rules in the health-care reform law passed in 2010. The rules proposed by the FDA must undergo a public comment period before they are finalized and take effect, said Michael R. Taylor, Deputy Director for Foods at the FDA.

The proposed regulations pertain to businesses devoting more than 50 percent of their floor space to the sale of food or that consider themselves restaurants, specifically food-selling chains with at least 20 stores nationally. Included are candy stores, bakeries, and ice-cream parlors.

The FDA’s proposed guidelines specify that chains post the calorie counts of foods and drinks on menus and menu boards or next to the food item, such as at a salad bar. The menu is to prominently exhibit the calorie content of each item in a way customers can see easily, giving them the same information packaged foods prepared at home currently provide. The information must be displayed in “clear and conspicuous” print and colors.

Giving consumers clear nutritional information makes it easier for them to choose healthier options that can help fight obesity and make us all healthier.

Many cities and states have passed laws requiring calorie labeling on menus, beginning with New York City in 2008. California implemented a similar law in January, although many counties are waiting for the release of the federal guidelines before they begin enforcement. Some fast-food chains there, such as McDonald’s and Starbucks, are displaying calorie counts on menus in some of their stores.

The rules are intended to curb the national obesity epidemic since, according to FDA estimates, one third of the calories people consume yearly come from food eaten out. In a statement issued yesterday, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services said, “Giving consumers clear nutritional information makes it easier for them to choose healthier options that can help fight obesity and make us all healthier.”

Excluded from the rules are businesses whose primary product is not food sales but that sell it, such as bowling alleys, airports and airplanes, amusement parks, hotels and movie theaters. Alcohol is also excluded.

byAlma Abell

Hardwood floors add so much beauty and elegance to a home. When you look across a room or rooms which have been joined by hardwood flooring it paints a picture of a floor using the natural beauty of nature. Many people do not like the presence of carpet because it is hard to keep clean and it develops wear patterns. Carpet also may need to be replaced often. Hardwood floors seldom need to be replaced. Capital City Flooring, Inc is a good place to begin.

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Hardwood floors can be made from a solid piece of wood trimmed to perfection and finished with a protective coating to ensure the floor is mark resistant and very durable. Planks, as the flooring is often referred to, are finished to look smooth and free of imperfections. However, flooring can be purchased with the natural knotholes and the holes made by nature. These wood planks can be very beautiful regardless of what some may refer to as imperfections. Visit Hardwood Floors in Topeka KS to see all of the wood flooring available. You can see what some may call the imperfections and decide for yourself if this your choice.

Another choice of wood flooring is the engineered flooring which is a composite of several wood products with the top layer being the wood the customer is looking for. This layer inch thick depending on the wood. These wood pieces are very durable and they will last as long as you live at least.

There are many varieties of wood flooring to choose from and a specific number would be irrelevant because it changes frequently. You can see how the engineered flooring is made, and Hardwood Floors in Topeka KS has the technical staff to answer all of your questions about this flooring.

When you visit the Hardwood Floors in Topeka KS you can see many varieties of solid wood flooring and this visual inspection will allow you to see the flooring material and visualize the look you will get on your floor. The visit will give you a big assistance in making the decision on flooring for your home.

Every wood floor has been tested for hardness which relates to how easy it is marred. The flooring has been assigned a hardness number which the sales people should be able to give you.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wikinews interviewed author Amy Scobee about her book Scientology – Abuse at the Top, and asked her about her experiences working as an executive within the organization. Scobee joined the organization at age 14, and worked at Scientology’s international management headquarters for several years before leaving in 2005. She served as a Scientology executive in multiple high-ranking positions, working out of the international headquarters of Scientology known as “Gold Base”, located in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, California.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

On Monday, the American Bar Association denounced President Bush’s program of domestic surveillance without court issued warrants. The program has been the subject of much debate, with the opposition claiming it is unconstitutional, and supporters saying that it is constitutional and that it helps to catch terrorists.

In the past, wiretap warrants could be secretly obtained from a special court created by the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or publicly obtained from any federal court. The Bush administration maintains that the congressional measure authorizing war in September 2001 empowered eavesdropping without any court issued warrant. The ABA has also asked Congress to affirm that granting such authority was not its intention.

President Bush has claimed that only a small number of Americans were subject to NSA eavesdrop without the usual requisite warrants. But, Russell Tice, who worked for the NSA for 20 years, has disagreed, saying that millions of Americans could be affected “if the full range of secret NSA programs is used.”

Mr. Tice said that individual conversations can be isolated based upon keywords, such as ‘jihad’, but such technology is most often used for keyword based traffic analysis of the conversations of suspects, as well as their acquaintances.

The ABA sets academic standards for law schools and controls the code of ethical standards for lawyers.

Last May, the NSA revoked Tice’s security clearance based upon so-called psychological concerns, and later dismissed him. Tice has responded that this is simply the NSA’s way of dealing with whistleblowers. NSA has made no further comment.

Fuel leak prompts 17,000-vehicle recall by Toyota

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toyota announced on Friday that it will recall around 17,000 Lexus vehicles in response to risks of the fuel tank in the cars leaking after a collision.

The Lexus HS 250h model was subjected to the recall following a US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation. Despite previously passing Toyota safety inspections, the conclusions of an NHTSA sub-contracted investigator were that; when the vehicles in question collided with an object at more than fifty-miles-per hour, more than 142 grams of fuel, the maximum allowed by US law, leaked from the crashed car.

According to Toyota, further tests did not show any additional failure of the fuel tank.

In response to the findings, Toyota issued a recall of all affected vehicles, since the company had no solution immediately available. The recall includes 13,000 cars already sold, as well as another 4,000 still at dealerships.

Toyota says it plans to conduct further tests to determine the cause of the leak. A Toyota spokesman, Brian Lyons, said that the company was “still working to determine what the root cause of the condition is.” It’s still unclear when exactly the recall will take place, or when dealerships will be allowed to sell this model again. Lyons said that Toyota is “working feverishly to get this resolved as soon as possible.”

Toyota isn’t aware of any accidents stemming from the leaking fuel tank in the affected vehicles, first introduced in the summer of 2009.

On the campaign trail in the USA, October 2016

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The following is the sixth and final edition of a monthly series chronicling the U.S. 2016 presidential election. It features original material compiled throughout the previous month after an overview of the month’s biggest stories.

In this month’s edition on the campaign trail: the Free & Equal Foundation holds a presidential debate with three little-known candidates; three additional candidates give their final pleas to voters; and past Wikinews interviewees provide their electoral predictions ahead of the November 8 election.


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This article’s primary contributor, Patrick Gillett, is an alumnus of Sunshine Coast Grammar School.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wikinews has obtained a list of middle management teaching staff allegedly made redundant, or laid off due to restructuring, by Sunshine Coast Grammar School (SCGS), in Queensland, Australia. Sources say that those staff have been told that they can apply for new positions that have opened up.

The list, published on the SCGS alumni Facebook page, contains the names of twenty-two staff members, eight of which taught this article’s primary contributor. Seventeen positions are reportedly being opened up by the private Christian school, eight of which seem to significantly overlap the old ones.

The changes are, apparently, designed to get teachers back into the classroom. “We are not cutting subject choices and extracurricular activities, but retaining a student-driven curriculum that integrates with the new Australian Curriculum, in keeping with our commitment to teaching and learning opportunities,” said headmaster Nigel Fairbairn.

Fairbairn could not guarantee that any of the staff would be given a position in 2011. “That will depend on how many people on that list apply for new positions of responsibility and are successful,” he said.

“The Head of the School cannot guarantee the 21 staff a job at the School in the future, with many of the positions being advertised to external applicants,” said Terry Burke, secretary for the Independent Education Union of Australia Queensland branch (Queensland Independent Education Union, QIEU).

“There has been little or no consultation with affected staff, who should not have to reapply for their jobs,” he said. “Most of the proposed restructuring is highly questionable and places at risk the high quality education at the School.”

Some former students responded angrily to the news.

Four of the affected teachers “were the backbone of the school when [controversy surrounded founding headmaster John Burgess] happened,” a former prefect (student leader) said. “They got it through that crisis and this is the thanks they get.”

“People are angry and shocked,” they continued. “I am aware of at least 10 families who have said they will pull their children out of the school – it’s that bad.”

The student body has not ruled out protesting the schools plans. “It’s getting to that stage,” the former prefect said. “People are trying to look at it in an intelligent way but there is so much anger out there.”

Wikinews understands that Fairbairn attracted criticism when he was a head teacher in Christchurch, New Zealand, where a former student claimed that Fairbairn “replaced the open and welcoming culture … with the tyrannical and oppressive one.”

Ahh, the roar, crackle, aroma and warmth a wood stove brings. Not only is the fire produced in it magnificent, but also the stove serves as a central gathering point, bringing friends and family together. You might not know this, but now the EPA regulates wood stoves, making sure they are efficient. These new EPA Phase 2 ones bring together the fun of the past and the environmental concerns of the future, making them good investments for your home. Another good investment you can make is in fireplace inserts wood that burn cleanly and effectively, too.

Currently, the EPA is offering a tax credit of 30 percent, up to $1500, if you purchase and install a qualifying wood stove or wood fireplace insert that meets a 75 percent efficiency rating. That means you can spend up to $5000 on the purchase and installation of new effective and eco-friendly heating source as long as it’s for your primary residence (vacation homes and rentals don’t qualify). The tax credit brings the price of a wood stove down considerably when you think of the savings you’ll get on your 2009 or 2010 return.

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Today’s wood stoves, unlike their pot-bellied predecessors, feature improved safety and efficiency. Almost no smoke and minimal ash emerge from them, and they require less firewood. In fact, efficient wood stoves produce only 2 to 7 grams or smoke per hour. They can be used to heat a single room or an entire home. If you have a large, open floor plan, you’ll probably want a large efficient wood stove that will heat the whole space, but if your place is highly divided into various rooms, you’ll want to use zone heating and put a small one in whatever room in which the most people converge. One of the most popular efficient wood stoves is the Napoleon 1400. This one is medium sized, so it can heat a medium sized, openly designed home up to 2000 sq. ft. It can burn up to seven hours on low heat so it will keep you warm overnight, no more freezing toes in the morning! It also has a cooking trivet on it in case the power goes out and you need to feed your family (this stove functions even when the power doesn’t). This stove is perfect for most people’s homes.

Fireplace inserts, meanwhile, are similar in function to wood stoves but are designed to be retrofitted into the firebox of an existing masonry or manufactured fireplace. They are as economical and eco-friendly as wood stoves and can earn you the tax credit, too, as long as they are EPA certified. The system includes a decorative faceplate that covers the space between the insert and the opening of the original fireplace. You can get the most popular, affordable insert Napoleon Fireplaces makes, the 1402 Deluxe EPA Wood Burning Insert, if you want to make that drafty fireplace function fabulously again. It can heat an entire small home, too, because it heats up to 1600 sq. ft. on high burn of 70,000 BTUs. These fireplace inserts wood have two powerful yet Whisper Quiet 200 CFM hat circulating blowers to help move the warm air through your living area. You also achieve clean burning fires with minimal amounts of wood with the 1402. It fits existing fireplaces up to 32 H x 44.5 W, so it’ll probably fit yours. Choose a fireplace insert and save on your energy bills, too.

No matter which you choose, efficient wood stoves or fireplace inserts wood, you’ll be making an investment in your home because not only will you enjoy decreased energy bills, but also future buyers will love the energy efficiency these hearth products afford. Choose which of the two you need based on the factors described above and you’ll not only go green, but you’ll also get the EPA tax credit.

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Ardia Vidmer is a writer on a variety of topics, including heating and cooling alternatives. Installing efficient wood stoves are a proficient way to provide heat for your home.Author: Ardia Vidmer

News briefs:January 11, 2008

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  • 1 Wikinews News Brief 01-11-2008 01:20 UTC
  • 2 Introduction
  • 3 Events of worldwide notability, military action, disasters etc.
    • 3.1 At least 24 killed in suicide bombing in Pakistan
    • 3.2 Alabama father throws children in river
    • 3.3 British troops may have received contaminated blood from American donors
    • 3.4 George Bush arrives in Middle East
    • 3.5 Pentagon releases video of incident involving Iranian ships in Persian Gulf
    • 3.6 China has plan to obtain North Korea’s nuclear weapons
    • 3.7 Hezbollah network Al-Manar available to wider international audience
  • 4 Non-disastrous local events with notable impact and dead celebrities
    • 4.1 Moderate earthquake strikes off the Oregon coast, US
    • 4.2 Hollywood “Mayor” Johnny Grant dead at 84
    • 4.3 China bans free plastic bags
    • 4.4 John McCain and Hillary Clinton win New Hampshire primaries
    • 4.5 Canupa Gluha Mani speaks about Lakota Oyate, Lakota freedom
  • 5 Business, commerce and academia
    • 5.1 Singapore Airlines bid for China Eastern Airlines unsuccessful
    • 5.2 Apple to lower UK iTunes prices
  • 6 Arts and culture
    • 6.1 Global premiere of Lordi horror movie Dark Floors next month in Oulu, Finland
  • 7 Frivolities and trivia
    • 7.1 Fourteen days left to send National Geographic your shoe for world record
    • 7.2 Dr. Phil’s consultation meant to be private: Spears family
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