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More options for families to enjoy Cuba holidays at Iberostar Ensenachos with new Water Park


Susan Crown

Iberostar has done it again for families, by working hard to enhance the experience every family member gets at their Cuba hotels. This time, staying true to their aim of treating the little ones as the stars of the show, the Iberostar Ensenachos resort in Cayo Santa Maria has recently unveiled a newly built children water park. The resort has just opened a Water Park for kids in the Park Suites section, specifically designed to offer children limitless fun with a splash and allow parents to relax while their little ones make the most of the new attraction.

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Children enjoying family Cuba holidays at Iberostar Cayo Ensenachos will be able to make a splash and enjoy the new water facilities all day long, with plenty of new features to offer them tons of fun, including: Separate children’s swimming pool, with a depth of 30 cm, specially designed for the smallest children and toddlers Replica of a pirate ship with slides and water cannons to re-enact the days of privateers and pirates. Artificial palm tree with water jets and waterslides Shark-like water slide Water jet coming from a mushroom-like shower Thanks to this new option, families planning holidays in Cuba’s Cayo Santa Maria key will feel at peace knowing that the kids will be thoroughly entertained in a perfectly safe attraction in which they can enjoy themselves and have hours and hours of fun. The Iberostar Ensenachos resort is beautifully located in Cayo Ensenachos, a pristine key on the northern coast of Villa Clara (part of the Cayo Santa Maria resort), this is the only virginal key in Cuba that has a horseshoe shape. As a result of the work of nature, the ongoing action of waves, tides and currents, the beaches of Iberostar Ensenachos (Ensenachos and El Mgano) are a gift to the senses. The hotel is located 120 km from the historical city Santa Clara, the region’s main city (where Che Guevara’s Mausoleum can be found), and located 58 km from the town of Remedios, birthplace of The Parrandas. At this fantastic family-friendly resort everything is ready for guests to kick back, withdraw from the realities of daily life, disengage from the outside world, and sink into a world of relaxation and calm, without any hassles, no rush or tensions, in an atmosphere of pure joy and peace that everyone enjoying Cuba holidays in Cayo Santa Maria will absolutely relish! Iberostar Ensenachos describe the newly launched facility as “a luxury only within reach of shining stars. Stars like you and your family!”

The all inclusive Iberostar Ensenachos resort in Cayo Santa Maria has just unveiled a brand new water park, enhancing the entertainment options they offer to families with children

planning Cuba holidays

at their hotel. The new water park offers shark-like waterslides, a pirate ship with water cannons and slides and a new swimming pool for toddlers.

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More options for families to enjoy Cuba holidays at Iberostar Ensenachos with new Water Park

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By Patricia Holland

If you are building a restroom in a heavy traffic area, or one that is prone to vandalism, the most popular toilet partitions are the Bradley Series 400 Sentinel Overhead Braced toilet partitions. This style is preferred above all others because it does not require special ceiling construction or special flooring.

Provided the floor has the 3 inch minimum concrete base that is standard to virtually every commercial floor, the Series 400 style will easily mount in any new construction or remodel restroom. The anti-grip head rail that braces the top pilaster builds restroom stalls with outstanding rigidity that can withstand heavy usage and attempts at criminal mischief.

Overhead braced restroom partitions are available in five different types of materials. Each of these materials features unique economic and functional benefits that architects should carefully weigh against budget and usage requirements. A brief summary if each type of material follows.

Baked enamel is the most economical material used to construct overhead braced toilet partitions. It is made by covering a 22 gauge steel panel that has been primed, cleaned, and finished with synthetic, high grade enamel. The enamel is then oven baked, resulting in a high quality finish that is resistant to damage. The seamless design prevents water from penetrating the panel and rusting the metal core.

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Plastic Laminate is the next most economical material used to build overhead braced restroom partitions. It is constructed by sandwiching an industrial grade particle board core between high-pressure plastic laminate that results in a highly decorative appearance.

Solid Core Phenolic is the mid range price point material used to construct overhead braced toilet partitions. Phenolic is a tough, synthetic, durable, industrial material that is pressed into a decorative, singular piece.

Bradmar Solid Plastic is Bradleys own patented solid plastic material. It too is priced in the mid range. It is a high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) that is molded into a 1 inch thick panel. There are 21 colors to choose from. The advantage that Bradmar plastic offers you is color continuity throughout the plastic mold, so the panel never requires repainting.

Stainless Steel is the premium price material used to construct overhead braced toilet partitions. It is manufactured from 20 gauge 300 series stainless steel. Partitions feature a seamless design that gives the panel maximum integrity against water penetration. This keeps panels from rusting from the inside. Stainless steel restroom partitions are also extremely sanitary and feature a fine satin finish.

Overhead braced restroom partitions can be installed in four different layouts.

The first layout is known as between-wall. Stalls are attached in a row between two walls.

The open end layout involves attaching a row of stalls to a single wall only.

Free standing layouts have no compartments attached to lateral walls on either side.

The alcove layout involves installing a single stall in a corner with an end panel attached to it.

Overhead braced toilet partitions can be used to create compartments of varying size ranging from 36 inches to 60 inches. Larger stalls can be configured for ADA compliance.

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By Patricia Holland

Some of the most important prison furniture that a correctional facility can invest in are stainless steel accessories, security showers, and security plumbing fixtures. These products are designed to address fundamental safety concerns that have plagued prisons for millennia.

The three biggest safety concerns in prisons are suicide attempts, vandalism, and weapons making. Vandalism involves more than destruction of property. It is often a distraction to get guards to focus on something other than inmates so that inmates can attack. Prison officials have to constantly be on the lookout for inmates who attempt these actions because failure to stop them in advance can lead to copy cat behavior and possible rioting.

There are specific actions, as well, that inmates have historically done on a consistent basis to cause mischief and harm.

1. They would hang themselves by tying a homemade rope to a shower head or shower hook.

2. They would flood the cells by stopping up toilets.

3. They would to cut themselves on sharp edges.

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4. They would break off pieces of metal to manufacture knives

Inmates will, when frustrated, often try to destroy things in their cell. They will attempt to break prison furniture. At other times, they will use foreign objects to stop the plumbing fixtures and flood their cells. In many cases this is more than vandalism.

Prison furniture evolved out of the need to reduce the likelihood of such incidents. Anti-ligature products that are now sold to prison include, but are not limited to, security towel hooks, security book shelf units, shelf for general storage, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and plumbing fixtures such as lavatories, security showers, urinals, and toilet sink combo units.

Regardless of who manufactures these products, they are all engineered with certain characteristics that minimize the ability of prisoners to do harm to themselves or others. They are also made in ways that allow architects to install them in any minimum, medium, or maximum security environment.

The anti ligature features of prison furniture are all directly related to past inmate behavior and the contemporary policy of proactively preventing this behavior, as much as it can be prevented, before it occurs.

— Any welds are ground smooth so there are no seams where metal sheets can be broken apart to create a sharp cutting surface.

— Minimum components are used to build these fixtures to reduce the ability to produce weapons.

— Most products have very rounded edges that cannot be used to cut and that cannot be sharpened.

— Shower heads and hooks break off when too much weight is applied.

— Prison security plumbing fixtures, such as combo lavatory toilets and stainless steel toilets, can take thousands of pounds of impact force without breaking free from the wall.

— Water control and superior flushing ability prevents plumbing from being used to flood cells.

Prison furniture designed with these attributes has produced measurable improvements in correctional facility security.

1. When inmates cannot break a vandal resistant fixture, their anger is invalidated, and they can often be calmed down more quickly.

2. If inmates attempt suicide by hanging, the broken hooks will give them away to guards.

3. It is so difficult to make weapons that any attempt to do so is more likely to be detected and stopped before something happens.

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Submitted by: Carole Johnson

It s up to any designer or homeowner what style and overall look they want for a bathroom. They can choose to have a wide and open master bath with minimalistic approach or one that is reminiscent of a period design like small, ornate bath and powder rooms. Here are 3 bathroom ideas that can help achieve the right style, look, and functionality to your new bathroom.

Rich Accents to Soft Color Tones

Bathrooms are known to exude a clean design with a sense of familiar and welcoming comfort. Although others have preferred the formal and traditional design that brings an abstract feel to the room, many have already veered away from the traditional design and opted for a modular one that shows both function and style. Soft color tones like taupe or olive green can be more beautiful with orange or blue accents. The key is to have the right proportion and a harmony of intense colors and soft tones. The same goes for furnishing. For example, a double bathroom vanity is quite stylish with a rich combination of ceramic, wood and metal fixtures.

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Built-in and Box It In

Essential in any clean, stylish and organized bathroom is the proper storage for personal effects, towels, laundry basket, hangers, and what-not. If there s enough space in your room, designate an area for bulky cleaning items like mops, supplies, vacuum cleaners, and more. Built-in wall units can keep all these things boxed in and tidied up before and after use. If there s a limit in space, a great idea is to go for stacking washer and dryer or maximize wall space by hanging wire baskets, racks, hooks for holding a variety of items. A double bathroom vanity can also have more spacious drawers with stackable drawer organizers that offer plenty of space for makeup and hair accessories. You may even choose those stackable drawers with sliding mechanisms for easier accessibility.

Good Air Circulation

In any kind of room, good air circulation is one of the most important aspects. The odor and bacteria are some things that you would want to avoid in a bathroom which you use everyday. Without proper air circulation, there will be moisture, bacteria, and mold buildup that will make the room unclean and unsafe for everyday use. Exhaust fans will do the trick. It will reduce the moisture and provide the healthy air that a bathroom needs. Humidifiers will also enhance the air in the room. You can even resort to natural humidifiers in the form of a table top fountain, which is known to create a calm and relaxing environment. These are also great decorative pieces that can add to your bathroom s overall design and bring earthy, warm feeling to your indoor space. You can enjoy a hot bubble bath and relieve stress with a clean and welcoming bathroom with all the essential pieces and harmonious color tones. A table top fountain can also go well in bedrooms and home offices where you can enhance the comfort level and ambiance of the room.

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By Patricia Holland

Anti ligature washroom fixtures minimize the risk of violence in correctional facilities and patient care facilities. Fixtures are designed with a minimum number of ligature points for patient safety. Areas where ligature devices could be suspended are rounded, or they are designed with breakaway fail safes to keep individuals from using them for hanging. Sharp edges are beveled or rounded. This prevents the creation of cutting tools.

Anti ligature washroom products and accessories include a broad spectrum of products. Hand washing fixtures, showers and valves, and washroom accessories are all designed in compliance with suicide resistant codes written in the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems guidelines.

Anti ligature washroom fixtures for hand washing are made with contoured edges. Spray heads are mounted flush to basin. Many models have infrared activated faucets so that there is no handle to remove. Basins have contoured edges as well. Terreon material used to make handwash fountains is vandal resistant. This makes the basin very difficult to break into pieces with sharp edges.

If the material is chipped or scraped, repair kits are available to restore its condition.

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Anti ligature washroom fixtures for showers include both showers and valves. Shower design must minimize any protuberance that could be used to hand a ligature cord, or that could be broken off to create a sharp edge.

Shower valves feature a design that is rounded and flush mounted to the wall. This prevents attempt at hanging shoe laces, bed sheets, or other ligature devices from their surface. Contoured handles also minimize ligature points with edges too rounded and smooth for inmates or patients to tie ligature cords. Many shower models use hemispherical pushbuttons to minimize ligature points.

Features such as sloped tops on valve covers, breakaway towel hooks that release under excess weight, and other contoured shower surfaces are designed to prevent a number of self-inflicted injuries and weapons manufacture. Without sharp edges, handles cannot easily be turned into knives.

Breakaway hooks prevent attempts at hanging because they give way under excess weight. Sloped tops on valves are another way of minimizing the risk of ligature tie off. Showers mount to the wall extremely flush because they are manufactured with beveled edges. This makes it extremely difficult to remove the fixture from the wall.

The smaller anti ligature washroom fixtures are also designed to prevent self injury or the making of weapons. Accessories such as mirrors are made of shiny stainless steel so they cannot be shattered and turned into sharp weapons. Toilet tissue dispensers are recessed mounted into walls. Security screws that can only be taken out with certain equipment are used to hold the dispensers in place. Commonplace objects or bare hands are not enough to budge either the dispenser or these screws from their place.

Other smaller anti ligature washroom fixtures include grab bars and soap dishes designed to resist attempts at pulling them from the wall. Grab bars feature a welded plat that fills the cavity between the bar and the wall to give them extra strength.

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