Amsterdam pet shop owner creates beer for dogs

Thursday, January 25, 2007  Correction — February 8, 2007 Terrie Berenden’s pet shop is located in the town of Zelhem, not Amsterdam as stated in the article & title. Zelhem is approximately 135 km (85 miles) from Amsterdam  A woman in The Netherlands who uses her dogs to hunt in Austria has decided to give her […]

Weight Loss Surgery In India Options, Benefits, Risks And Cost

Read An Opinion On: Khalili Center Weight Loss Surgery in India Options, Benefits, Risks and Cost by lisa_1 Obesity has become a health concern globally. World Health Organization has estimated that by 2015, the number of people with obesity will reach by 700 million. Owing to sedentary lifestyle and junk food habits found among youth […]

Tornadoes cause millions in damages in Waco, Texas

Saturday, May 6, 2006 Early Saturday morning winds up to 90 miles per hour struck Waco, Texas and central McLennan County, United States, causing widespread damage and leaving many households without electricity. No deaths or serious injuries have been reported; however, there is a tremendous amount of damage in 15 areas of the city, leading […]

Syria files UN Security Council complaint after US raid

Thursday, October 30, 2008 In the aftermath of a United States raid in border town Abu Kamal within Syria on October 26, the country has filed a complaint with the United Nations Security Council to prevent further breaches of Syria’s borders. Calling the operation a “terrorist aggression,” Syria has alleged that eight civilians were killed […]

Sterling Silver Jewelry Care}

Read An Opinion On: Plastic Bags Australia Sterling Silver Jewelry Care by David John TurnerSilver in all its luminous apparitions, has co-reigned alongside gold for more than 6000 years as the ‘Queen of Precious Metals’. However, of all silver’s heirs it is sterling silver with its intrinsic beauty, value and durability, that has ensured itself […]

Triple limb-reattachment fails – boy loses foot

Tuesday, April 5, 2005Terry Vo, the 10-year old Australian boy who had two hands and a foot reattached by surgeons after losing them in an accident, has had to have the foot re-amputated. He will be given a prosthetic foot in its place. The operation to re-attach three limbs was thought to have been a […]

How To Get Ready For Your Injury Lawyer Consultation

Read An Opinion On: Compare Green Slips Prices How to Get Ready for Your Injury Lawyer Consultation by aavotina If you have been hurt and are in the process of choosing an attorney, you’ll probably have a few consultations so that you can determine the person you want to be your representative. In order for […]

Report reveals Top 10 most-confusing tech buzzwords

Sunday, March 27, 2005 Danville, California — The California-based Engligh language tracker, Global Language Monitor, released its 2005 list of most confusing – yet frequently cited – high tech buzzwords to be “HTTP,” “Voice Over IP” (VoIP), and “Megapixel.” Closely following were “Plasma,” “Robust,” “WORM” and “Emoticon.” In early March, the group used a predictive […]