Accentuate Your Home With A Beautiful Lawn

Accentuate Your Home with a Beautiful Lawn



Grasses serve a great purpose for beautification in varied settings. It can be installed as part of the golf greens, fringes, fairways, indoor/ outdoor athletic fields and household lawns. However, due to fluctuations in temperature conditions, these grasses wither and die, stripping off the land s splendour.

The usage of


drought-tolerant grasses in Melbourne

is of paramount significance to maintain the aesthetic and functional facet of the area. It is a practical way to use in the lawn as it conserves more water. They could withstand extended periods without water and are especially beneficial in arid areas or places with water restrictions.

Choosing the right grass type

Deciding about the lawn grass for your yard can be a tiresome endeavour. There are various elements to consider like the geographical location, how much solar heat the yard gets, the dedication you can give for its maintenance regimen and for what reason you will utilize the lawn.

Types of Drought- resistant Grasses

There are two types of grass used depending on the climate and geographical nature of the region: the warm season and cold season drought- resilient grasses. The former love the heat and they grow at their best in times where temperature is the hottest like that of midsummer months. The latter, on the other hand, stays green throughout the winter. In contrast, the drought tolerant grass likes cooler temperatures and requires only minimal watering. This can be planted in spring or late summer. The two types of grass have the ability to survive on little water during the peak growing times.

Grass experts selling instant turf in Melbourne can give you advice you can follow in order to ensure proper growth of the grass. It starts with land preparation and care, turf lying, watering, fertilizing and mowing. Following these desired activities would essentially guarantee the swift growth of abundant grass.

Alternative choice

If maintaining a natural lawn seems to be a daunting task for you due to its high maintenance scheme, then a good substitute would be the use of synthetic grass. This would enable home owners or sporting clubs to have green lawns all year round without the costs of watering and continuous upkeep. Choosing fake grass can give you benefits like longevity, allergen-free and environmentally friendly in nature.

Maintenance and care

Drought-tolerant grass longevity can be increased by providing ideal growing conditions. Breeding, plant health and cultural practices need to intertwine to make these grasses stay in the lawn longer. Caring for drought tolerant grass can be done with deep occasional watering, maintaining healthy soil and mowing the grass at their appropriate height.

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