No Time To Mow The Lawn? Hire A Landscaping Company In Norfolk

byAlma Abell

People love to have beautiful yards, however many don’t have the time to spend mowing the lawn, pruning trees or tending flower gardens. They also don’t have the skills or machinery to install water features and walkways. Southern Roots Landscaping of VA has been helping homeowners with these tasks for over 55 years. They provide all of the Landscaping in Norfolk services that a homeowner could need. This includes lawn services, landscaping and garden services and constructing water features. They can meet with homeowners to create a customized program to maintain the yard and garden and add new landscape features.


For many homeowners Landscaping in Norfolk begins with a beautiful lawn. Installing sod is the first step in the process. In just a few weeks, the homeowner can see a vacant lot filled with dirt and mud transformed into a lush green carpet. The soil will be pre-treated with fertilizer and soil enhancements to allow the sod to easily connect with it. Landscapers who understand the Virginia climate will be able to recommend the correct mowing schedule. They will also know the right height for the grass to allow moisture to penetrate, but prevent the sun from burning it. Throughout the year they will edge paths, fertilize and rake leaves. The lawn will always look neat and well-maintained.

Mature trees add a lot to the character of a home. Properly positioned trees can shade the home in the summer and help lower energy bills. In the winter, they lose their leaves and let in needed light and solar heat. Large trees can be difficult for homeowners to prune and maintain. Professional landscapers have bucket trucks that allow them to easily and safely reach the highest branches. Certified arborists know the best time of they year to prune trees. It’s best to prune disease-prone trees, when they are dormant.

Water features such as ponds and fountains create a soothing environment. Landscaping in Norfolk that includes these elements creates a tranquil setting for homeowners to enjoy. A professional landscape company can show the homeowner the best place to put these in their yard. They can also install and maintain them. All the homeowner has to do is enjoy them and the beauty of their yard.