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Cable Protectors: Why Tape and Carpet Simply Won t Work


Xaviera Iglesias

Important business events like product demonstrations and promotions require a constant smooth, systematic flow in maintaining the clients interests and participation. These are the instances where businesses must provide a thorough presentation for their potential clients. Such product demonstrations and promotions would mean an increase to the businesses revenue. If the event has been disrupted by a simple cable malfunction due to damage, the overall outcome would be an unsuccessful one.

The use of tapes and carpets to cover certain cables and wires that are left snaked on the floor is considered cheap and ineffective. They may temporarily keep these cables intact but they do not have the resistance to withstand continuous activities like individuals stepping on them or vehicles rolling over them. The cables that are constantly taped back to the floor or carpeted over would look hazardous and unsafe to the public.

Businesses or workplaces that do not observe safety means and precautionary measures such as exposed cables resulting to injury of an individual are reprimanded by the law. Businesses should use the proper equipment designed for protecting cables, and these are the cable protectors.

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cable protectors

are mainly used in the protection of the cables on the ground or on the floor. They are made out of heavy gauge polyurethane and are capable of taking repeated abuse not just from moving equipment such as carts, but also small and medium-sized vehicles as well. They organize cables and wires to prevent electronic or mechanical dysfunction such as tripping over cables of sound equipment in concerts or on-going car wash operations.

Investing in cable protectors is a sensible decision for any business owner. They are sturdy, and long-lasting. They convey a sense of safety to the clients and give the impression of being organized in the workplace. These heavy duty protectors can accommodate up to 5 channels of cable. They come in two models, these are the:

Single Channel: 36 L x 11-1/2 W x 1-1/2 H

Five Channels: 36 L x 17-1/2 W x 1-3/4 H

The single channel model comes in red, while the five channel model come in yellow and red. If additional cables are required, a combination of two or more protectors is needed. End caps for the five channel model enhance additional protection for the cables.

Other uses of cable protectors can be found in construction projects and roads. On going construction projects require a lot of electrical usage for their heavy equipment and machineries. Cables coming from these instruments need protection from being exposed to caution workers of possible tripping that may cause the cables to be unplugged from their electrical source resulting to a delay in the project site.

Due to its heavy duty capacity, electrical cables and wires that are being placed under the cable protectors are ensured of longevity and intact structure. There will be no need for cable replacements thus saving the businesses unnecessary expenditure for damaged or irreparable cables.

On the whole, cable protectors make the workplaces look professional and safe to the clients. Impending danger, lawsuits, repetitive cable-buying and cause of delays are not going to be a difficulty for any continuously growing businesses.

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