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Educational Toys for Your Three Year Old Baby Boy and Baby Girl by What is the best gift you can give to your three-year-old son and or daughter? Should you give them a box of crayons and a coloring book? Or should you buy them a stuffed animal? They say that babies reach the age of discovery when they turn three. So it is important to provide them with educational toys that can help them discover the wonders that the world can offer. It need not be like the traditional educational toys found in the market such as wooden blocks with numbers, an ABC poster with corresponding examples for each letter (A is for Apple, B is for Banana); You should provide your young ones with educational toys that will not only teach them the basics of education but something that will also provide them with hours of fun and laughter.They say that people of all ages – babies, teenagers, grown-ups – are easily attracted to colors – girls are usually attracted to the color pink and boys are usually attracted to manly colors like the color blue or the color black. Why are all people attracted to colors? It is because colors gives life to things, imagine how bland and lifeless this world would be if everything was in black and white. If you are thinking of what infant toy to give to your young ones, what better to give your sons and/or your daughters than the gift of life. Babies, especially those who are ranging between three to four years old will learn a lot if you provide them with a coloring book and a box of crayons, it will develop their artistic talent and their imagination, and more importantly it will give them something to express what they are feeling, something that will help them express themselves and release all their stress (Yes, babies do feel stress and babies cry whenever they are hungry, they throw tantrums whenever they are mad, bottom line is that grown-ups are not the only ones that feel stress). Your baby girl or your baby boy will have a great time coloring the houses, animals, fruits, among others that are found in the coloring book. They are learning and having fun at the same time, something that traditional educational toys cannot provide. One important thing to remember is that the crayons you should buy must be non-toxic, so that if your baby accidentally swallows the crayon there will be no major implications to your babys health, but still it is important to provide your guidance whenever your babies are playing to avoid any untoward incidents.The first three to four years are the most crucial period in a persons life, it is the stage in ones life where he or she will develop the fundamentals that would be needed in order to have a wonderful life. There is a colorful world waiting for your baby to discover, and it is your duty as parent to provide them with educational toys, such as a box of crayons and a coloring book, that would help them prepare for the life ahead. It may seem very simple but it is one of the best things that parents can provide their babies.Rachel Nunez is ready to answer your questions about educational baby toys. For more tips and information about baby educational toys, check out .Article Source:

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Safe children, happy parents: Thanks to the school bus safety apps


LisaParents always have the stress about their child’s safety whenever they are going to or coming back from school. In the mornings, it worries them whether their child reached school safely and after school they are always anxious thinking why the bus is late. Everywhere around the world a child’s protection is what counts foremost. However, thanks to technology, now parents can take a sigh of relief.Applications availableThe app market has come up with many tracking applications today, and among them are the Safety apps for school going children. These safety apps serve numerous functions, helping both children and parents in a similar direction. These safety apps can be anything from a simple School Bus App that can track the whereabouts of the vehicle to an AppAlert Mobile App that can signal parents if something goes wrong. The truth is the apps empower both parents and children from the everyday hassles. Most precisely we can say so about school buses, the carrier that we entrust our child to every day. School buses are not as secure as we all know, especially when we read about all the incidents taking place all over the globe in our morning newspapers. Other than that, neither are they punctual and most of the time our children end up missing their school bus due to this.Hence, a platform was required to inform parents about the bus timings, its location and route, as well as information of whether their child made it to school at all. These apps have high security functions, which during emergency can alert the school authorities as well as parents, enabling them to take quick actions. Student activities are recorded on the Cloud, to be used by schools in case of emergencies.ConclusionUndoubtedly, technology has moved ahead and connected everyone today and the School Bus Safety apps are fulfilling the vision of a better tomorrow. These applications are so simple to use that all that parents must do is get their mobile numbers verified to get access to the app. If you a parent, you definitely must try this.The technology integrated in these safety tools is not only supportive for the school community during a crisis, but to first response teams as well. With interactive maps and floor plans available in many programs, first responders can quickly locate entry points and reduce the time it takes to respond to an emergency. School communities can train staff and conduct drills using this app technology to readily access emergency information, practice and refine procedures with students and staff, and reunify a school community following practice or true emergency.The software also helps in routing without errors. When compared to manual recording, the software helps to easily and quickly calculate the working hours and activity of each trip. And above all, the most important advantage is that the use of Global Positioning System tracking is a cost-effective method.Appalert is a safety app for school going children. It’s a real time school bus tracker that notifies parents where their children are, at all times.Article Source:

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