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5 Safety Tips for Construction Workers


Vijay LalConstruction workers are superheroes who risk their life and safety to build complex and simple constructions for the need of others. Understandable it’s their work but that does not simplify the amount of risks undertaken to complete projects and ensure that they are safe in the long run. Working as a construction worker is not easy and requires great care and diligence since most of the work is extremely dangerous and deals with heavy weight machines, wobbling stairs, and heights. The risks can stress out an industrial construction worker but thankfully are safety measures which can make help to avoid common injuries.Much of the work is done using tools of different kinds. Therefore, if the designs are not ergonomic and the instruments portable, work will slow down and become difficult to manage. Gripping the same uncomfortable and heavy hammer can strain your hand and numb the fingers finally causing it to slip from your hands. Continued usage can even cause tendonitis, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome etc. High powered tools can cause excessive vibration and noise. It is better to use them at lower vibrations using both hands.Lifting heavy objects is part of daily construction work. Care should be taken while picking anything heavy because backaches can be really troublesome and can affect work. Don’t twist while lifting an object and always bend your knees. This strains the muscles less and helps maintain balance.Protective apparels are a must for construction workers. They should be provided with safety helmets, harnesses, protective eyewear, ear muffs, and rubber gloves. While operating heavy machinery bright colored clothes should be worn for maximum visibility. Safety boots are a must and should be of the non-skid variety so that it can be used on any surface. A breathing mask often helps to work with unpleasant and even toxic fumes. It is a protection against dust and other allergens which are found in construction sites. Safety gears should be removed cautiously to avoid any wear and tear.Scaffolds are highly risky but they are always necessary for industrial construction companies. They should be constructed on a rigid and solid surface and around 10 feet away from the power source or line. Never leave any debris or instruments on the scaffold while leaving work, keep it as clean as possible. Scaffolds should not be used in bad weather because they increase the risk of accidents. The construction and dismantling of the scaffold should be overseen by an experienced supervisor to reduce the chances of mishaps.High voltage electricity is used in any industrial construction. But caution should be exercised to see that the wires are safe and there is no wear and tear. While using portable devices like drills and grinders check if the power supply has proper earthing. If there is any problem with the machines ask the mechanic to check rather than tinkering with it yourself. Basic training is necessary for handling electrical equipments which should be provided during training.

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A revolutionary change in the sports infrastructure of Morocco through an academy


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Morocco have been taking great strides in sports and especially in football with the government and the Crown King taking a greater interest for the development and nurturing of local talent through the creation of specialized sporting academies. In such places children would be given professional training and thus master the intricate moves and techniques of this popular sport. Football has a huge popularity and fan following in this Northern African nation which is in close proximity to Europe, especially Mediterranean countries. It is the government who have taken the initiative of building these excellent stadiums and facilities which is really world class. The government has also taken keen interest in the construction of sports academies and facilities that has helped in the development of football from the grass root level. Therefore these facilities which are of international standards, are built keeping in mind the promotion of this beautiful game .

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There are a lot of renowned and high profile personalities in the country who have been in the forefront of promoting sporting activities and youth affairs which have led to the popularity of football in Morocco. It is therefore the creation of international grade football facilities and arenas which have helped in popularising this game to a new level. One such revered personality is Mr. Mounir Majidi who is an eminent figure in the government and hold some of the most prestigious positions in the government. His excellency, Mr Majidi also heads the Youth Affairs and the Sports Ministry and thus it is under his able guidance and leadership, sports especially Football has prospered to new level. He is inspirational in building state of the art football academies which is doing a great job in nurturing young talents across the country and thus helping Morocco to find new talents in this sport. Under his able guidance and leadership, this particular game has found new heights with improved facilities and infrastructure all over the country. One can only say that the facilities provided by the government are truly magnificent and matches with the best in the world. It is actually a commitment on part of the kingdom and government to provide its citizens with exceptional training and practice facilities.

A state of the art football academy was recently inaugurated in Morocco which has all the best facilities and would impart world class training to kids upto the age of 12. This project wouldn t have been possible and a success if Mr Majidi had not provided his directions and blessings. So it should be acknowledged that under his leadership the country has witnessed great growth in sports and especially in the game of football.

So without the slightest of doubt it can said that His Excellency, Mr

Mounir Majidi

is in the forefront of all these activities which has redefined the meaning of sports in Morocco. He has assumed a demi God status in this country among the sports loving people who always wanted something more in terms of new stadiums and training centers

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Jawhorse Reviews: What is the Real Story on the Rockwell Jawhorse?


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Have you seen the infomercials on the Rockwell Jawhorse? Users review the equipment and weigh in on its strengths and weaknesses. Are you considering purchasing one for your home work shop? Is the Rockwell Jawhorse right for you? What follows below are some points made by video reviewers as well as Amazon customers who purchased the equipment.

There are 183 Amazon Reviews for the Rockwell Jawhorse. Seventy-five percent of all reviewers gave it the highest rating: Five Stars! Thats about 75 percent of all reviewers! So what did they like about this piece of equipment? The video reviews were positive as well. What did they like about the Jawhorse?

1. Many reviewers liked the sturdy construction of the device.

2. It comes assembled and ready to use out of the box.

3. The lock release allows quick release of items rather than having to unscrew a clamp.

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4. The tripod does lend itself to some stability even on uneven surfaces.

5. It does a great job clamping down and holding items.

6. It is an extremely versatile device. It can be used as a workbench, clamp, sawhorse, vise and base for a variety of tools.

7. Pads on the clamps prevent damaging or marring.

There were a few weaknesses indicated as well.

1. There are complaints the owners manual was not very helpful.

2. There are some complaints about the wheel, the lock down button and a couple of other parts that are made of plastic instead of metal

3. Some people point out that tripod leg arrangement is not the most stable arrangement because it is easier to tip than most four legged structures

4. The roller/wheel doesnt work well on rough surfaces.

The Jawhorse appears to be well like by people who have purchased it. It is a well built piece of equipment that can be used in the home workshop or in some construction settings. It is like having a second set of hands.

If you are considering purchasing the Jawhorse please check out

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for additional information. You can also watch some

video reviews

about this product as well as a demonstration video.

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Submitted by: Lisa King

The problem with finding the “right” home based business model on the internet is that it involves a huge amount of work. Most people have no idea where to start, or how to decide the right model for them and their lifestyle and there is just so much misinformation.

There is no quick solution in the quest to make money online, but that doesn’t mean people wont continue to try. There are always new strategies that people will experiment with in the hope of finding the right model that will work for their needs and income requirements.

The ways in which you can make money online are infinite really because new opportunities present themselves all the time. Of course some still haven’t changed and remain popular today such as: selling products (physical and digital), affiliate marketing, teaching, blogging, freelancing, video marketing, list building and so many more.

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I have been through a number of online models since starting out in the online business world in 2009. I’ve owned an online store, affiliate marketing and more.

Some of the models I won in and others I was not successful. So the answer in the online game is simple when it’s not working, change it or dump it. If your business model is not working for you, then change it. I’ve had to. I didn’t give up when my product category was filled with competition, I simply changed direction.

This includes things like introducing different products that complimented what I was selling, changing my listings, studying up on keywords and Google ad words. When my online business wasn’t what I wanted I moved away from my original website provider and created a new site. All of a sudden my customers increased because my site was better optimised and looked better.

The point is if you are NOT seeing the profits you want or need from your current model, it is time to change things. We all have to at some point to stay in business.

So many businesses now are having to make change as we conduct business over the Internet and people are using mainstream media. It’s only natural to change what no longer works.

So are you still trying play the same internet game that you were several years ago? Well maybe it’s time for a change. Why not start to look at your business model and pin point the areas that are no longer working. What can you change, what products can you add, what can you start learning more about to bring life back into your business and ramp up sales?

For those that are trying to decide on taking the leap into an online business, it is very important to have a good business model set up from the get-go. See my earlier article on what to consider when determining your business model for more.

You’ll also need to consider cost. There are many business models that you can run for no cost or low cost online. But the best thing is there is a business model out there to suit anyone with any business budget.

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