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Submitted by: Lisa King

The problem with finding the “right” home based business model on the internet is that it involves a huge amount of work. Most people have no idea where to start, or how to decide the right model for them and their lifestyle and there is just so much misinformation.

There is no quick solution in the quest to make money online, but that doesn’t mean people wont continue to try. There are always new strategies that people will experiment with in the hope of finding the right model that will work for their needs and income requirements.

The ways in which you can make money online are infinite really because new opportunities present themselves all the time. Of course some still haven’t changed and remain popular today such as: selling products (physical and digital), affiliate marketing, teaching, blogging, freelancing, video marketing, list building and so many more.

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I have been through a number of online models since starting out in the online business world in 2009. I’ve owned an online store, affiliate marketing and more.

Some of the models I won in and others I was not successful. So the answer in the online game is simple when it’s not working, change it or dump it. If your business model is not working for you, then change it. I’ve had to. I didn’t give up when my product category was filled with competition, I simply changed direction.

This includes things like introducing different products that complimented what I was selling, changing my listings, studying up on keywords and Google ad words. When my online business wasn’t what I wanted I moved away from my original website provider and created a new site. All of a sudden my customers increased because my site was better optimised and looked better.

The point is if you are NOT seeing the profits you want or need from your current model, it is time to change things. We all have to at some point to stay in business.

So many businesses now are having to make change as we conduct business over the Internet and people are using mainstream media. It’s only natural to change what no longer works.

So are you still trying play the same internet game that you were several years ago? Well maybe it’s time for a change. Why not start to look at your business model and pin point the areas that are no longer working. What can you change, what products can you add, what can you start learning more about to bring life back into your business and ramp up sales?

For those that are trying to decide on taking the leap into an online business, it is very important to have a good business model set up from the get-go. See my earlier article on what to consider when determining your business model for more.

You’ll also need to consider cost. There are many business models that you can run for no cost or low cost online. But the best thing is there is a business model out there to suit anyone with any business budget.

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