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Importance of Service Management Software in Consumer Durable Industry by SeemaAt the time where economists have termed the recent recession as the worst in over 60 years, downsizing costs, maximizing efficiencies and making customers happy have become more important than ever. Business managers who have understood this dictum have survived the tough times; others have succumbed to the circumstances. Manufacturers in particular, have to take special care that the income that comes from selling their products can very well become an unavoidable expense, if the after-sales service and support is not looked into. Organizations are looking for measures to achieve this.The most sought-after solution for this is Service Management Software. This system allows the manufacturer and the service partners (that independently handle the service support for multiple manufacturers) to automate the service and support process and help in:Maximizing EfficiencyReducing Overhead CostsStreamlining the Repair chainEnhancing Customer SatisfactionService Management Software is an intelligent automation tool that helps in reducing the Turn-Around-Time (TAT) of service rendered for a product and measuring product performance and gap analysis. Many manufacturers from consumer electronics and cellular industry have already encashed on Service Management Software from different vendors, and agreed to have experienced controlled TAT, product analysis and minimized chances of pilferage in service claims.Key features of Service Management SoftwareWarranty Management- The In-warranty or Out-of-warranty service/repair makes a lot of difference in defining the income or expense of the business. If the product is down for repair while it is In-warranty, it would be an expense to the manufacturer; while an Out-of-warranty call is an income. Managing the warranty status, which is a key module of this software is pertinent.Spare part Inventory- Service Management Softwares help in synchronizing asset management with every service center so that the customers never have to go away due to stock shortage. The system is configured with the warehouses and other governing bodies who keep an eagles eye view to ensure that every service center at different repair levels has the minimum stock level maintaned.Claim Management- In the absence of Service Management Software, it is difficult for a service center head to supervise the claim management process. Differentiating the valid and genuine claims from invalid claims becomes easy with the Service Management Software, as every step is recorded and the escalation traced.Reverse and Forward Logistics- Tracking the complete movement of spare-parts from warehouse to the service centers against indent/PO and defective product/spare-parts back from service centers to the warehouse simultaneously is crucial while maintaining a stock balance. Service Management Software helps in maintaining & managing the balance.Service Management Software is an end-to-end service CRM that gives you the flexibility and scalability to manage the post-sales service operations. If you are in the manufacturing industry, or run authorized service centers catering to different brands, you can now reduce the losses of downtime and improve productivity of your business with an end-to-end Service Management Software.Seema is an online marketing enthusiast & futurist. Zed Service” is a leading service management softwarecompany in India. For more information about service management software & repair management software solutions visit Zed Service” website now ! Article Source:

Using Selenium and Java for Database testing



In selenium contents, when there is a need of getting the Data from the database we may need to utilize APIs which communicates with database like JDBC. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is a Java API which is utilized to associate and collaborate with Database.

For what reason do we utilize JDBC rather ODBC?

ODBC is produced and written in C, which is stage Independent. Whereas JDBC API is a detail gives set of interfaces which are composed and created in Java programming dialect.

How to connect to database utilizing JDBC?

The beneath are the Steps to Connect to database, before continuing, you need MySQL Connector. You can download from here Download MySQL Connector Jar and include it the construct way as we include

selenium webdriver


Load and Registering the Driver

Setting up Connection.

Making Statement Object

Execute the Statement

Shutting the association.

1. Load and Register the Driver:

For enrolling the Driver we Load the Driver class utilizing forName() strategy. forName() is the static manufacturing plant strategy which is available in predefined class called “Class”. This strategy stacks the class which is specified as parameter.

Class.forName(“com.mysql.jdbc.Driver”);//class.forName stack the Driver class

Inside this Driver class will enlist the driver by utilizing static strategy called registerDriver().

2. Building up Connection:

For building up association with database we call static strategy called getConnection(…) introduce in DriverManager Class. This technique contains three contentions of string sort. i.e., url, username and secret key


URL contains “jdbc(main protocol):mysql(sub convention for mySql)://localhost:3306(sub name for mysql (host:prot))/Employee(database)” and this strategy return sort is Connection Object ie., Association


3. Making Statement Object:

For making articulation question we have to call a strategy called createStatement() which is available in Connection Interface.


What’s more, this strategy returns Statement question and it is no contention technique.

statement st= con.createStatement();

4.Executing Queries:

For executing inquiries there are distinctive techniques exhibit in Statement Interface for recovering records and for refreshing records.

Recovering records:

for executing select queries(for bringing records) we call a strategy called executeQuery(String qry) by taking string as parameter.

st.executeQuery(“Select * from Employee”);

This strategy returns ResultSet protest.

Resultset rs= st.executeQuery(“Select * from Employee”);//once executeQuery() executes the inquiry and stores the records in to ResultSet question.

Presently we have to get the records from ResultSet question. To get to the resultset protest it utilizes a strategy called next() which displays in ResultSet Interface.

Naturally Resultset reference ‘rs’ focuses to before first column. it moves rs to next line and returns genuine. When it returns genuine we recover the information in first column. next() returns false when rs focuses to after the last column. this next() will rehashes the execution utilizing while circle till it returns false.

Refreshing records:

To refresh records in a table we utilize a technique called executeUpdate(String str) which returns whole number an incentive as what number of records have been refreshed.

5. Shutting the Connection:

When execution of all announcements were finished we have to close every one of the associations by utilizing strategy called close() show in Connection interface

There are fundamentally two things that we should need to test to confirm database with Selenium.

To begin with, in the wake of making any activity in the web application (Front-end), we might need to check the database if every one of the subtle elements we submitted are put away effectively. Presently for instance, while making a record, we will enter a few information email Id, username and so forth. To ensure a record is made, we can check record made in database with every one of the subtle elements client gave.

Other case can resemble, subsequent to playing out any activity, we might need to check the information showed in the UI is right by looking at the Database.

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byAlma Abell

What is ideal for one company may not be the wise choice for another in many types of software applications. This is the case for inventory management software that is designed with one industry or one type of business in mind.

There are some top inventory software programs that are more universal in their application. These may also be a great choice and may offer the ability to customize or tailor some specific features to meet unique requirements for your business.

Know Your Needs

One of the biggest challenges in finding the right inventory management software for a business is the risk of getting caught up in the features of the program and not considering if it will address your basic needs.

It is a good idea to make a list of the features and functions you consider as the basis for your particular inventory management needs. This will allow you to have a clear reference to being able to compare similar products that offer everything you need before considering the add-on features.

Understand Tracking Methods

In the current supply chain, know how items are tracked and if this is the same type of tracking that will be continued after the software is installed. Most of the top systems today will work with a range of different tracking options including barcodes, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, serialization or even through lots rather than individual items.

Different inventory management software programs are a better match for different tracking systems. If you are planning to change tracking methods throughout the supply chain, make sure your software will be compatible.

It is also important to know where problems or inefficiencies exist in your current inventory software program. Discussing these issues with manufacturers for replacement software will make sure the new option addresses those problems and boost efficiency.

Accounting Software Solutions preferred by most of the Small and Enterprise Business


Murtuza HussainAccounting plays a key role in expanding of a Business where it handles Business Finances and gives complete information of what is going on in your Business. With the Features of Accounts Payables, Receivables, Sales and Purchase Orders Entry, Expenses, Invoicing and Vouchers and also a vast number of Reports to get a complete Insight of your Business.

Rockford Computer L.L.C.has a wide class of Accounting and Business Management Software Solutions that helps you Run the Expanding Business Efficiently and manage your Business Financials with Ease and 100 % Accuracy.

The main focus is to manage the Cash Flow and give real time Reports that results in Profit in Business; efficient systems can help business owners maximize their time and money, while facilitating business growth. In other words, systems focus on making money, while simultaneously saving it.

YouTube Preview Image

The most popularly used Software by professionals are the best one from Sage Software, Intuit QuickBooks, Tally ERP 9.0.

Let’s see how their different features help in your Business Financials:

Sage 50 Accounting US Edition (formerly Peachtree): Accounting, Payroll and Payments all together. Accounting – Easy-to-use software helps in invoice customers, pay bills, manage inventory and stay on top of banking.Payroll Processing – Calculate deductions, keep up with changing tax laws, and easily prepare employee paychecks and reports.

New!! Sage 50 Middle East Edition:Is a Holistic Accounting and Business Management Solution, designed in such a way that can be integrated with number of software solutions to meet the outgrown requirements, All-in-One place.Advanced Features – System Manager (Dashboard or Easy user Interface), Advanced Security, Multi-Currency, Multi-Warehousing, Project Tracking, General Ledger, Sales & Purchase Order Entry and Advanced Inventory Control.

QuickBooks Premier Accounting 2016 – Track sales, sales taxes & customer payments, Industry-specific reports, sample files, menus & chart of accounts, Track international sales & expenses in multiple currencies, Track & manage inventory & create purchase orders, inventory center – Attach Inventory Images.

QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 – Powerful, Easy-To-Use & Most Flexible.Manages Payments, Inventory, Reporting etc. with Ease and 100% Accuracy. Also comes additional cost for Advanced Inventory can be used to manage Multi-Warehousing, Multiple-Location.

Tally ERP 9.0 Gold Edition This Software is for unlimited users on a Local Area Network (LAN). Any number of users can simultaneously have read and write access.Easily manages Inventories like Sales & Purchases, Status Reports, Multiple Grouping & Categorization of Stock Items, Multiple-Locations & Stock Transfer etc. In Accounting Prospective, it provides Multi-Companies, Multi-Currencies & Reporting, with Complete Bookkeeping.

Now, you can easily judge that which Solution is best suitable for your business requirement. Most of the Accountants are reluctant to use a Software which fits completely to their Business verticals.

We also provide Services like Installation/Implementation, Forms Designing, Data Migration and Training at Best Prices and by Certified Consultant.


Phone – +971 4 3514547Mobile – +971 55 1070244 / +971 55 9278651Email or rockford@eim.aeVisit Our Website –

Rockford Computer LLC is a Business Software, Computer Hardware and Networking Solution provider in the region. With over 15 years of experience in the industry we bring a range of products and services catering to the client’s needs which is backed up by a comprehensive technical and functional support.

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