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The shark is a symbolization of both beauty and peril, and has existed since the human race took thier first adventures across the sea. A shark has an unforgettable smile.

The teeth associated with a shark are not connected to the bone of the jaw, but have proven to be embedded in the dental tissue layer. Very different from humans, sharks shed their teeth endlessly all through their life. Just like a conveyor belt, the new teeth proceed ahead so that the shark is under no circumstances lacking or deficient in teeth, mainly because living without having them would certainly be destruction or extinction for them. How the teeth are shed is much like the procedure in which the scales of a fish are shed. For most sharks about every fortnight (two weeks) they will have new teeth to use, for the great white shark teeth are usually dropped every hundred or so days depending on the age and health of the shark.

Sharks ordinarily have two to three rows of teeth, though you will find plenty of notable exceptions, including the whale shark, which has a phenomenal three hundred rows of teeth. There are sharks that have serrated teeth for instance the tiger shark and the magnificent great white shark. You will also find smooth teeth coming from such sharks as the mako shark. With all this diversity the sharks tooth is perfectly suited to fit the needs and lifestyle of this beautiful creature.

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Finding a fossil shark tooth is a wonderful thing to add to your collection. They maybe the most beautiful thing to use as a decorative center piece.

One of the most amazing shark tooth is the Mako sharks. They are available in a variety of colors along with the common white. Mako Shark teeth may resemble little gems cut in the form of a tooth. These are perfect for jewelry. Can you imagine wearing something with such and amazing history, the tooth of a shark once used to hunt deep in the ocean. This truly is a priceless piece of history.

A different but very beautiful type of fossil is the megalodon sharks teeth. These are very large, easily filling up the hand of a grownup. Because of their massive size megalodon teeth are obviously not very well suited for the use as jewelry but are a great for display. They would likely make a very eye catching paper weight that all your friends would talk about at the office.

The online world undoubtedly is a good resource for buying shark teeth to add to your collection. It is also a great place to learn more about all the different types of teeth available. Collecting the teeth of a shark is actually a cruelty free practice that you simply feel good about, simply because no animals are killed for their teeth, unlike other animal treasures for instance ivory and fur. The teeth will never be needed by the shark anymore, and there is actually a truly endless supply.

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