There S No Comparing When It Comes To Design, Functionality And Size: Travel Wheelchairs

There s no comparing when it comes to design, functionality and size: Travel Wheelchairs


Fred Jackson

In general wheelchairs have a specific purpose and that is to provide much needed mobile assistance. However Travel Wheelchairs take it one step further by providing comfort and effortlessness unsurpassed. These individually created lightweight, compact wheelchairs are the perfect choice when using any form of transport or storing in those small unproductive spaces. Size, functionality and design are the best in the market.

With the idea of travel in mind, the first requirement of you wheelchair is that it gives you the freedom to move and doesn t hinder you when it s not in use. Thankfully such a wheelchair exists right here. These extremely lightweight frames should not be mistaken as weak in structure having a strong, sturdy frame. Weighing less then 15 pounds it s astounding that it has a carrying capacity of over 200 pounds. No matter the range of chair or weight you can be assured of quality and amazing load capacity. Thus its of no surprise that their storage capabilities regardless of range is so well designed and even comes with its own carrier bag! Quality is standard when it comes to good quality wheelchairs in small packages.


Function is a hugely important aspect of the design of these wheelchairs. Various situations will arise depending on the type of journey you decide to take and is important that you learn to adapt adequately. Fold up and swing back armrests found standard with most chairs assists one to be able to sit happily at restaurant tables. Seat belts assist in keeping you safely restrained within the wheelchair. Footrests, padded seating and aesthetically appealing wheelchairs are a must when traveling around unlike the common colors given generally. These adventure filled wheelchairs can be seen a mile away in their striking colors with various options given to sleek designs. Wheel sizes may be smaller to give the chair a less clunky look but still offer excellent mobility. Such a contemporary look is thanks to the use of some of the finest materials and metals.

Why stop yourself from exploring the world around you just because you have a wheelchair. Many models of wheelchairs are designed with you in mind. From sleek, lightweight design to ensuring comfort in a variety of situations these chairs are meant to provide you with the very best. So many places to go, so little time when you have a travel wheelchair.

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