Weight Loss Surgery: For The People Who Failed With Natural Way Of Weight Loss.

Weight Loss Surgery: For the People who failed with natural way of weight loss.



Now a day’s people who can’t lose weight by diets and exercises decide on to Weight loss Surgery or Obesity surgery. Weight loss surgery is now becoming a common option when all other options fail for a person such as exercise, diet or intake of supplements. Obesity can lead to problems such as heart disease or stroke, cancer.


What is Weight Loss Surgery? Weight loss surgery includes many procedures done on people who are obese and want to lose weight. There are many types of surgeries and procedures like in Gastric Banding a medical device is inserted in your stomach decreasing the size of it. In Gastric Sleeve Surgery a portion of your stomach is removed. Experts say that these surgeries cause a long term weight loss and recovery from diabetes, improvement in heart diseases. Is Weight Loss Surgery right for you?Weight loss surgery

is only for people who are obese. Doctors take a good look on the person to make sure the procedures can be done successfully on that person. To qualify for a weight loss surgery a person should be highly obese e.g. a male above 100 pounds and women above 80 pounds with a Body Mass Index (BMI) 40+. There are also some other factors a doctor will consider for Weight Loss surgery such as:

— Age: Weight loss surgery can be done on any one between the ages 18 to 60. — Weight: If the weight of your body is double of your weight then you are a right person for the surgery. — Medical Condition: Hormonal Imbalance or other medical conditions are not responsible for weight gain. — Commitment: As these surgeries are permanent methods for weight loss you should be committed for changing your diet, lifestyle and exercises. — Weight losing History: In past if you have tried to lose weight and gain it back or you obese since last 5 years with no progress in the weight loss methods which you tried. — Addictions: If you have no addiction to alcohol or drugs. You are a right man for Weight loss surgery if you meet the above requirements.Dr muffazal lakdawala

has preformed many successful Weight Loss Surgeries, today he can help those people who have tried all natural ways of losing weight and failed.

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