Diesel Exhaust And Cancer

byAlma Abell

IARC, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, has stated that diesel exhaust is a carcinogen. After extensive study, all evidence points to the fact that the fumes from diesel exhaust cause cancer.

Diesel fuel is used in most large engines that are used to power trains, buses, construction equipment, standby generators, as well as cars. Diesel exhaust is made up of soot and gases, both of which are made up of other potentially harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur, and metallic compounds. Many people are starting a diesel exhaust lawsuit, arguing that their exposure to diesel fumes has led to their cancer, including lung and bladder.


How are people exposed to diesel fumes?

As diesel is a very popular fuel, it is hard to avoid exposure. People are exposed to diesel exhaust while traveling, at work, and even while they are at home. The amount of exposure varies:

  • At work: People involved in the transport industry, forklift operators, miners, railroad workers, etc. are those that have the highest exposure.
  • At home: Although the risk of exposure to diesel fumes is lower, anyone that lives alongside a busy highway where diesel traffic is at its densest will be affected.
  • While traveling: The simple act of commuting to and from work can expose people to high concentrations of diesel fumes.

Is cancer caused by diesel exhaust?

Studies have been made in labs as well as on people to determine if exposure to diesel exhaust causes cancer. The results indicate that the chemicals and soot in diesel exhaust cause changes in cellular DNA, which cause the development of cancer.

Lung cancer is linked to diesel exhaust. People that work in industries where heavy and prolonged exposure to diesel exhaust has affected their health will often retain a lawyer and file a diesel exhaust lawsuit.

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