By Ed Sneineh

There are a lot of factors to take into account when searching for car insurance and when trying to locate cheap auto insurance you’ve got to do your homework. Within the insurance industry, competition is tough and premiums vary tremendously. Benefit from this by analyzing around and keep an eye out for rate reduction, which many insurance carriers offer at different times of the year, to get more customers.

1. Ask Your Friends

You may start out your search by questioning good friends and family members for information and support about quality insurance agents they did business with earlier. Your social network should give you some good start point and that may allow you to expand your horizon concerning your preference. Plus, questioning friends may permit you to avert certain choices, thus saving you time and dollars.

2. Probe the Competition

Combine to what your people advised by collecting more information online, information concerning the strength and weaknesses of your possible insurance carrier. But the right strategy to get your quote information is to check specific auto insurance companies and work with an independent agent. In contrast with captive agents who deal with one insurer, independent agents legally represent many insurance companies, and, hence can give more premium options. This can be managed online, over the phone or, simply, in person. Make sure to allow them know you are shopping around and it might help them to give you the cheapest price possible.

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3. Credits and Discounts

Many times a company will instantly offer certain credits to its potential customers. Don’t expect the lowest rate is the number one rate offered. Ask for credits! Some will offer a discounts in rate for many interesting life issues, like:

a. Discounts for insuring multiple cars

b. Discount for prior insurance c. Credit for owning a home/ condo d. Discounts for students good grades e. Low mileage use credits f. Multiple Account Discount- Discount for having more than type of insurance with the same insurer g. Credit for an alarm h. Part time operator credit

You need to ask for specific credits because it is not in the agents or company’s financial benefit to freely offer everything available.

4. History of Your Driving

While shopping for cheap auto insurance, risk is the first element that insurance companies look at when it comes to pricing an auto insurance policy. If they have reasons to believe that you are at higher risk of creating road accidents or traffic tickets, then the more likely you will need to file claims. This costs them money so your policy will become higher. Some of the risks they look at are history of your driving, date of birth and occupation. If you have a lot of tickets on your driving record or are under the age of 25, you will likely pay a much higher premium. Bear in mind, that if you go for several years without any incidents on your record, many companies will automatically lower your insurance costs. And if you get married or have life insurance or other insurances with the same insurance company, then more discounts may apply.

5. Get What You Need, Not What They Want To Sell

A few people are under the impression that they need full coverage on any vehicle they own. The reality is, if you don’t have a loan that you pay monthly on for the car, or if it’s older than six years or worth less than few thousand dollars, don’t waste your money, liability insurance is all what the law asks for. Full coverage may possibly end up costing you more than the worth of the vehicle. Else, liability with a high deductible on the full coverage may be suitable for you needs and won’t break the budget.

It doesn’t have to be hard to identify cheap auto insurance. Take some time doing the research so that you are not caught off guard. Unexpected additions that look like must-haves are not always needed no matter what the agent may tell you. This includes bond cards, duplicate towing (if you already got road side assistance, etc.)

About the Author: Ed Sneineh, Chicago auto insurance agent since 1989, former college educator of insurance, & founder of the Chicago-based Insurance Navy, a leader in providing affordable Chicago car insurance discounts. Visit us and get your SR22 Car insurance discounts Illinois in 5 minutes or less from over 20 insurers like AAA, Travelers, Progressive, Hartford.


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