Tell Tale Signs That You May Have A Stalker

By Richard Armen

In today’s world, the danger that a stalker presents is serious business. Although there are various steps that you can take to help limit the possibility that you may acquire a stalker, it is sometimes inevitable. There are a number of tell-tale signs that you may have a stalker. If you think someone may be stalking or following you, can consult the authorities and take action to limit the amount of danger presented by your stalker.

1) Understand the potential for stalking. Stalking is a type of intimidation and harassment that usually stems from a stalker not understanding the nature of a relationship. For example, if you’ve recently turned someone down for a date and they don’t seem to fully grasp the situation, you may be in danger. Stalking does not just include following you; often, these actions progress into much more, which is why it is so important to put an end to such behaviors quickly.

2) A potential stalker may appear at locations unannounced. These locations may include your place of work, your home, and places you stop by routinely. The appearance of such an individual may be benign. At first, you may think they’re simply running into you because they frequent the same locations. In this case, simply telling them that you do not want their presence provides a simple solution. However, if an individual still shows up unannounced it is likely that they are a stalker.


3) Unwanted gifts may show up unexpectedly. The gifts may be intimate in nature, since, for the most part, stalkers seem to feel that they have a stronger connection to their victims then is actually true. Lingerie, flowers, jewelry, photographs, and letters, among other things, may appear at your home or business.

4) Harassing phone calls, emails or text messages may also be an indication of a potential stalker. These messages may vary in nature, but a common thread is that these messages will be frequent and intimate. Occasionally stalkers will proclaim their love for an individual, but they may also proclaim their dislike for someone.

5) Your stalker may also know various things about you that they would not necessarily know from a casual or everyday conversation. If a potential stalker seems to know personal information about you, it may be a result of their delusion that they are closer to you then they actually are. Some stalkers will go to great lengths to learn all they can about their target.

6) A stalker may also threaten your friends and family. Since some stalkers may be suffering from delusions of intimacy and a general disconnect with reality, they may be mentally unstable. Even as your stalker professes his or her love for you, they may also be threatening those closest to you.

Even stalkers who start out friendly and seem harmless may turn violent and angry for no apparent reason. If you do suspect that you are being stalked, change your routine, alert friends and families so that they can help to provide a buffer zone, and consult with the authorities.

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